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Vucic attacked, hit with stones in Srebrenica (video)

PM Aleksandar Vucic and his delegation have been attacked with stones and other objects during their visit to the Srebrenica memorial complex in Potocari. The delegation head by Vucic has left Srebrenica. As sources from the Serbian delegation have said, the prime minster was hit with a stone in the face, when his glasses were […]

Kosovo Forum in Montreal – Lewis MacKenzie

Major-General Lewis MacKenzie, C.M., CMM, MSC (and bar), O.Ont , CD, (born April 30, 1940) is a retired Canadian general and writer. MacKenzie is most famous for establishing and commanding Sector Sarajevo as part of the United Nations Protection Force or UNPROFOR in Yugoslavia in 1992. Full link for this article: Click Here Disclaimer: The […]

WRAP Investigator says European govts knew about CIA prisons, ADDS comment

Paris, France – 8 June 2007 1. Dick Marty arriving at new conference at Council of Europe office in Paris following his delivery of the latest report on secret detentions 2. Mid shot of Marty at news conference 3. Various close-ups of report, reading (in French): “Secret detentions and illegal transfers of detainees involving Council […]

General Lewis MacKenzie and ambassador James Bisset discuss Bosnia 20 years after the war broke out

General Lewis MacKenzie and ambassador James Bisset discuss Bosnia 20 years after the war broke out. Full link for this article: Click Here Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article (Blog, Post, Comments & Video) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Canadian Veritas […]

Kosovo and Albania – ORGAN TRAFFICKING (Anatomy of a Crime)

Organ theft in Kosovo (sometimes also known as the “yellow house” case) refers to alleged organ harvesting and killing of an indeterminate number of “disappeared” people. Various sources estimate that the number of victims ranges from a “handful”, up to 50,] and between 24 to 100. The victims are believed to be mostly ethnic Serbian […]

The Ghosts of Medak Pocket: The Story of Canada’s Secret War

In one day in September 1993, in the process of aggressively shoring up the crumbling UN peacekeeping mission in Croatia, Canadian soldiers killed as many as 27 Croat soldiers in a series of firefights. Letting Canadians know of this little-known battle is nominally at the heart of journalist Carol Off’s The Ghosts of Medak Pocket, and […]

Doctors jailed for Kosovo organ trafficking

A Kosovo court has sentenced five doctors for up to eight years in prison for involvement in an international organ trafficking ring. A panel of two EU and one Kosovo judges gave Lutfi Dervishi, an ethnic Albanian and prominent urologist, the harshest term of eight years in prison for “organised crime and human trafficking” on […]

The War on Yugoslavia Twenty Years Later: NATO’s First ‘Humanitarian’ War

On March 24th 1999, following the failure of peace talks brokered by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the people of Yugoslavia writhed and screamed under a shower of deadly bombs raining down from the skies. [2][3] Over the course of a 78 day campaign, NATO would dispatch 35,000 combat operations over the sovereign state involving […]

Serbia’s president condemns ‘savage’ attack on PM at Srebrenica

Serbia’s president has spoken out against an attack that targeted his prime minister at the weekend during a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, saying it recalled similar incidents prior to the 1990s Bosnia war. Tomislav Nikolić said the attack resembled a “lynching attempt” and warned adversaries against drawing Serbia into “new quarrels” 20 years […]

Holocaust experts disagree over justness of Mladic’s conviction for genocide

Efraim Zuroff says mass killing at Srebrenica was a war crime but not genocide because women were spared; Menachem Rosensaft disagrees AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (JTA) — One of the world’s best-known Nazi hunters, Efraim Zuroff, welcomed the punishment levied on Serbian nationalist Ratko Mladić but called his conviction for genocide in Srebrenica politicized and unjust. Zuroff’s […]