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Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci indicted on war crimes ahead of Trump peace summit

Hashim Thaci, the man who delivered independent Kosovo on to the international stage, was en route to Washington on Wednesday, hoping to again make history at a peacemaking summit hosted by U.S. President Donald Trump, when an allegedly darker part of his own past caught up with him. Mr. Thaci, who was a commander in […]

EXCLU – L’armée condamnée pour mise en danger de ses soldats par l’usage d’uranium appauvri au Kosovo

Le cancer d’un gendarme français, envoyé au Kosovo après les bombardements de l’Otan, a été attribué à la radioactivité de l’uranium appauvri de missiles des forces de la coalition utilisés contre les Serbes en 1999. Si l’histoire n’avait pas connu un dénouement si tragique (la mort dans de grandes souffrances du personnage central), la saga […]

Le colonel francais Jacques Hogard sur le Kosovo

Le colonel Jacques Hogard revient sur son expérience au Kosovo. Cerclearistote.com Full link for this article: Click Here Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article (Blog, Post, Comments & Video) are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Canadian Veritas Observatory (www.canadianveritas.ca.). We are against […]

Au Kosovo, les Serbes font de la résistance

GRAND REPORTAGE – Vingt ans après la guerre du Kosovo, 100.000 Serbes orthodoxes vivent toujours dans l’ex-province yougoslave, autoproclamée indépendante en 2008. Une minorité vulnérable dans ce territoire peuplé de 2 millions d’Albanais musulmans et dirigé par un gouvernement qui les traite en citoyens de seconde zone.Le président fondateur de l’association humanitaire Solidarité Kosovo, qui vient […]

Kosovo Forum in Montreal – Lewis MacKenzie

Major-General Lewis MacKenzie, C.M., CMM, MSC (and bar), O.Ont , CD, (born April 30, 1940) is a retired Canadian general and writer. MacKenzie is most famous for establishing and commanding Sector Sarajevo as part of the United Nations Protection Force or UNPROFOR in Yugoslavia in 1992. Full link for this article: Click Here Disclaimer: The […]

Kosovo and Albania – ORGAN TRAFFICKING (Anatomy of a Crime)

Organ theft in Kosovo (sometimes also known as the “yellow house” case) refers to alleged organ harvesting and killing of an indeterminate number of “disappeared” people. Various sources estimate that the number of victims ranges from a “handful”, up to 50,] and between 24 to 100. The victims are believed to be mostly ethnic Serbian […]

Doctors jailed for Kosovo organ trafficking

A Kosovo court has sentenced five doctors for up to eight years in prison for involvement in an international organ trafficking ring. A panel of two EU and one Kosovo judges gave Lutfi Dervishi, an ethnic Albanian and prominent urologist, the harshest term of eight years in prison for “organised crime and human trafficking” on […]